Elias Ayoob

Born in Damascus in 1986, Elias Ayoob graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts - Damascus University in 2009, where he worked as Assistant Professor from 2012-2013. In 2016 he completed his Master's degree in Art Education from Kursk State University, Russia; and went on to completing his PhD degree in the History and Philosophy of Art at Moscow State Academic Art Institute named V. I. Surikov.

Since 2007 Elias Ayoob has participated in many mutual exhibitions and Art Fairs in different countries including Syria, Lebanon, Russia, Ukraine and Croatia. He has received several awards from Syria, UNESCO, Petro-Canada and Russia and has held three solo exhibitions, in 2009 at Kozah gallery in Damascus, in 2017 at Umjetnicka Art museum in Dubrovnik- Croatia, and in 2017 at Rodina gallery in Belgogrod- Russia. Elias is inspired by daily moments of people's life; he is permanently painting and drawing daily allegories in symbolical forms especially from the current war in Syria.